Google Wave looks awesome

Check out the Google Wave – this is AWESOME stuff and when it comes out could transform your social media universe completely. You simply have to see the video (it’s a little long) to believe it – instant messaging that’s truly instant, collaboration in real-time…. here is an abridged version of the unveiling –

The application UI is written using HTML 5 (canvas element, video element, geolocation, App Cache, etc) and will render in the mordern browsers. This of course implies Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome etc

The other reason why I think it’s so cool is that Google is borrowing a page from Microsoft and involving developers. The Google Waves are extensible and the communication protocol used is open source , there are APIs available for developers as well as a sandbox environment where developers can try out their code. You can even set-up your own Google Wave server – which is really cool when you start thinking of enterprises and the possibilities of collaboration there…  It’s insane I tell you –  the only catch is – it’s not available yet.  It’s in private beta – you can sign up to be informed when it goes public – wonder when mere mortals like me can play with it.

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  1. I’m highly excited about this. I think that it could replace email for the majority of people, if Google makes it easy (and cross-web-platform capable) enough to install and administrate. And also, if someone makes a good bot that will make the service backwards-compatible with traditional email, as a way for people to transition. So that if someone emails you, you get it as a Wave, and when you edit that Wave, it emails the originator back.

    I’d be interested to look under the hood at the code for distributed communication — it seems like that would be a tough nut to crack.

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