MySQL Resources

One of the things I have discovered the hard way about working with MySQL is that unlike SQL Server 2005 resources for MySQL are not as widespread. Other than the official MySQL website and the MySQL sponsored forums there seem to be a strange lack of technical resources on MySQL. Since there seem to be so little I thought it mights be beneficial –

  • MySQL Reference – The online link to MySQL 5.0 is here. It is good reference but is a little skimpy on the examples unless you dig into the comments section at the bottom of the pages.
  • Xaprb – This is one I am a big fan of – the blog is focussed on MySQL. The author really knows his stuff, not only in MySQL esoterica but about SQL in general. Great place to go to learn more about MySQL.
  • MySQL Performance Blog – This is another blog written by MySQL consultants based in Europe. This blog is focussed more on the performance tuning tips for MySQL. Great resource to learn the various settings and variables in MySQL that can be used to diagnose and tweak MySQL performance.
  • MySQL Forge – This is MySQL’s version of This is a community site for MySQL tools and scripts. Lots of perl, php script tools dealing with various aspects of database maintenance and functionality.
  • MySQL – The definitive guide to using, programming and administering MySQL 4.1 and 5.0 (ISBN: 0672326736) – This book by Paul Dubois is a great reference for MySQL. As befits a definitive guide the book is hefty at nearly 1300 pages but a must have for any in depth study of the database.
  • mySQL CheatSheet – There is a neatly laid out cheat sheet in this blog post. I find it useful lying on my desk for the times I blank out on stuff.
  • There are a couple of blogs by mySQL insiders that I keep an eye on – and

Thats about it for now. Please feel free to add ones you guys go to in the comments to the post (the comments are moderated so they may not appear as soon as you insert them) :-)