Nikhil in mySQL Land

It was decided recently, at work that we should standardize on mySQL on Linux as our enterprise database. I was asked to learn mySQL – pronto and take up the task of designing our new enterprise db platform and to move our schemas and data from our existing platform – MS-SQL 2005 to mySQL.

My initial impression of mySQL was that of a typical enterprise consultant – mySQL is an immature database – no stored procedures and triggers – heck it didn’t even have transaction support. As far as tools are concerned – fuhgedaboutit – I was a pampered MSSQL 2005 user with GUI tools for everything – what could mySQL have that even came close? mySQL on the face of it looked like a quirky and flawed database choice.

But, I got my marching orders and I began looking at everything mySQL related. Imagine my surprise when I found that mySQL has not only transactions but also stored procedures and triggers and a bunch of other features as well. Its feature set has really grown with the release of version 5.0 and its tool support is pretty good as well. In addition to the application and the tools there was an active community and decent documentation (though not quite in the same league as MSDN :-))

With this encouragement I decided to forge ahead and I installed mySQL 5.1 Beta (bleeding edge baby!) and mySQL GUI on my laptop – running Windows XP Professional. The installation was straightforward and I got in addition to the database – the following tools
1. mySQL System Tray Monitor
2. mySQL Administrator
3. mySQL Query Browser
4. mySQL Migration Toolkit
5. mySQL Workbench
6. mySQL Instance Configuration Wizard
7. mySQL Command Line Client

2 comments on “Nikhil in mySQL Land

  1. Hi – I was very interested to come across this blog. I too have worked on commercial databases in the past (Oracle, Ingres, Sql*Server) and currently (while on the bench) have been investigating Mysql (see my blog) and web stuff. Interesting too that you’re moving to a Linux platform – once you get used to VI and shell I’m sure you’ll be a fan! Please keep the blog going and good luck!

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