Well, it’s been quite awhile since my last post – and a lot of stuff has happened since I last opened up the WordPress interface to write up a post. For starters WordPress has really done a great job – I like the new user interface – its great!
The last time I posted – I was an IT consultant in a large software consulting firm working at the office of one of its largest clients in Atlanta. Well, I left that project – the work I was doing was uninspiring drivel dreamed up by pointy haired bosses – and I left the software consulting firm I was working for – it was too large and busy to listen to the despairing pleas of one of its drones to be assigned to another project (preferably one that had something that required staying awake) and I was tired – tired of large companies – tired of being in projects where everything I said was received with a shrug and tired of managers that promised – the next project will be much better.
Well, today I am working for a small company – it’s not a consulting firm – it’s a product company and it’s a private one. Admittedly, there is a lot more risk – but its a new year and I am fed up of playing it safe – life is certainly a lot more interesting now than it was a few months back – that’s for sure :)
And the best part is – I am learning, reading and trying out stuff – new languages, new operating systems, new technologies, new platforms :-) I don’t think I have read this much since I left college. As far as my colleagues go – I have the good fortune of working with a bunch of really intelligent people and I probably enjoy our interactions and conversations more than anything else about this job :-)