Yahoo’s Web 2.0 Makeover

Yahoo! has always prided itself as being… well, a Yahoo.
Starting out as a hobby project in the early days when the Internet was still an uncool geek hobby, Yahoo transformed into the most visited website in the world . From its beginnings as a directory for websites Yahoo has grown with the Internet to become a whole on-line ecosystem.
However, with the meteoric rise of Google, Yahoo has competition. It is no longer the coolest website on the block. One of the things Google has been leveraging have been their geek credentials. The company (Google) has positioned itself as a programmer friendly, innovative company and one of the cornerstones of this effort is the opening up of its API.
In response Yahoo has gone on a major makeover effort. It changed its entire look including the Yahoo home page, Yahoo email, Yahoo maps and Yahoo search. It has added new services like Yahoo Music, Yahoo Video and Yahoo 360, and acquired great sites like Flickr and
But the biggest thing in my opinion is the Yahoo Developer site. What I really liked about this is not so much the fact that they opened it up as the approach they took with it.
Instead of simply publishing their API and a few examples, the Yahoo development team took the effort to create good documentation, including patterns, best practices etc. They went ahead and added a blog, allowing their developers to post on the site, which gives it the accessible image. Yahoo went the extra mile and that shows through. The latest API they have opened up is Yahoo authentication. Lets see how the developer community responds to this – I can only see more web 2.0 goodness from this development. Let the pretenders to the throne watch out for the Yahoo! is ready…

5 comments on “Yahoo’s Web 2.0 Makeover

  1. Yahoo has done a recent push to do a makeover. They have hired a lot of people away from their competitors in the recent past; and shaken by Google giving away so many things, are trying to match them.
    Yahoo mail expanded to 1 GB, Yahoo Photos is unlimited, and they are really opening upto letting people use their API’s, something that they were not so willing earlier before Google changed the equations.

  2. Well, Yahoo is certainly more than that IMO… What about Yahoo Music, Yahoo Video, Yahoo 360… Have you looked at Yahoo search lately?
    They have taken a lot of strides in improving their offering. I wish they would just improve their ad-coverage though. Yahoo mail would be a lot better off without its ads and premium service…

  3. Whatever others may say, Yahoo! is a company which sells ringtones in expensive package.

    And bussiness cannot be made just by selling ringtones and posters and goodies.

    Yahoo! seriously needs to revamp and reinvent itself against Google.

    Regarding Yahoo! development, please refer to SDK’s released by Google. The latest offerings from them is the widget SDK and AJAX based search tool that can be added to any site.

    May Yahoo! learn the strategies as quickly as possible. Its for their own good. ;-)

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