Return of the Yahoo

I have been wanting to talk about Yahoo and their aggressive pursuit of Google in the Internet space for awhile. The biggest manifestation of this has been their courting of developers to leverage their ecosystem. But this is big – this IMHO puts them abreast if not ahead of Google right now.

I mean c’mon – these guys have essentially put out their user data and asked other applications to leverage them. It’s a big deal because it essentially allows third parties to leverage the HUGE number of users that Yahoo has. To learn more about what I am talking about go here.

That’s it for now – I’ll let Jeremy and Dan from Yahoo enlighten you further, but I plan to update this post in due time…

Update: I was planning to expand on Yahoo authentication when I realized that while I have talked about Google and their services, I have not really talked about Yahoo in the same vein. So I have gone ahead and corrected this imbalance with this post. Check it out and leave comments :-)