Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on a Windows machine

A few months back, I resolved to learn an open source langauage. I did some looking around, and sure enough PHP was everywhere on the internet. But everyone talking about PHP, also talked about Apache and MySQL in the same breath. The more partisan amongst them also threw Linux into the mix and called the whole shebang – LAMP. As luck would have it, I found a PHP fan a few cubicles away that raved about PHP.

Now while I was willing to tackle PHP, I was more circumespect about adding Apache and MySQL. I was especially doubtful about Linux because that would involve me either partioning up my computer or buying another, both options I wasnt willing to do. Even if I was to ditch the Linux portion and simply have Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows (WAMP), I was hesitant over the installation and management of these services.

But then my friend pointed me to the appropriately named WAMP. It is a distributable bundle that installs and configures Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows as services. It even has a dashboard from which you can start any or all the services as well as modify the key configuration files.

I love it and I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to install Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows with a minimum of fuss and bother (It does not even require a reboot).


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