Googlenaut — The online blitzkrieg

From a company that basically started out as a by-product of the research in data mining and web search, done by a couple of Stanford students – Google has grown extremely fast. After conquering the web-search arena, it has in quick succession expanded into other major areas of the Internet. With a goal to be the index of the worlds information – Google has expanded into other areas of the on-line world with an almost frightening speed. In my mind it started out with Google News, then Gmail, Google Maps,Froogle, Google Toolbar and Google Desktop. Now the products are coming out furious pace – Google Earth, Google Finance, Google Video, Google Talk, Google Local, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Spreadsheets, Google Pack… They have not been shy in acquiring products either – Blogger, Orkut, Picasa to name some…
Despite the seeming explosion of product launches, however, Google always seems to bring something different or better into its products that set it apart. Sometimes they miss -eg Froogle, Google Accelerator – but more often they revolutionize the domain they are in. Gmail with the 1GB mail limit and viral advertising, Google Maps with its AJAX implementation and open API or Google Desktop with its speed in searching users computer hard drives.

They (Google) have created a portal for their products in their home page – You can create a personalised version of the Google home page that includes many of their on-line products… I just realised as I am writing this – Google is the modern, cooler version of Yahoo!!

Hm-mm…. Yahoo has been on a re-designing spree lately – maybe I should check it out… But that’s for another post.

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