Video Over IP

To Internet addicts (I am one of them) broadband is like heroin. You only need to experience it once and your life changes and you know you can never go back. You may be living in a cardboard box but if you have a broadband, you don’t care. Your furniture may be something scavenged from a garbage dump but by God you will have a cable modem and a wireless router.

And the reason for this is that with broadband the Internet is no longer just text and images, it is a whole different world filled with music and video and games and real-time social interaction. Heck with broadband and the right equipment you can create your own world.

For a long time the lack of penetration of broadband was a serious brake on the availability of multimedia content on the Internet. Nowadays it seems there is are new applications and services providing rich multimedia sprouting up everywhere. And its not just professional and large multimedia companies either. Video Blogs or vlogs are the latest innovation of the blogging revolution. It almost seems like everyone is making movies. Whats fascinating is that

Like much of the Internet, there is something for every taste. Its not too difficult to find something either – a quick sampling:
Google Video

Yahoo Video

You Tube



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  1. Thanks Mick. I see you have some nice pictures in your blog too.
    The latest ones I took at an Air Show in Atlanta last month. The Navy aerobatic team – Blue Angels had come over for the show.

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