Web programming – Reloaded

For some time now (even before I started this weblog) I have been reading about and seeing the revival of the web. It (the hype) started out with the arrival of Google Maps and Google Suggest and their use of client side programming to provide a very different user experience for a web application. The underlying set of technologies used was termed AJAX . There is nothing new about AJAX. Indeed, it used languages (Javascript), standards (XML) and technologies (xmlhttprequest) that were already in place and available. What was unique, was that these technologies finally stitched together in a way that provided what the end user was desperatey seeking – rich and responsive experience when using web-based tools.
Again, there is nothing new in what Google did, the genius was in the applications that they found for these technologies. In addition to Google Maps and Google Suggest they used it in Gmail . These applications, e-mail and maps are extremely complementary to a web-based model. By improving their usability Google essentially opened the eyes of a world weary of unresponsive and simple web applications to the possibilities of the web once more.