Microsoft to enforce patents on FAT ?

I saw this on Slashdot today. Now this may be just fud or it may be the real thing, but this issue has some pretty profound implications, especially for device manufacturers.
Most devices like MP3 Players, External Hard Drives, Digital Cameras, etc use a FAT as the file-system for their memory in order that they are natively supported on Microsoft systems. The licensing fee should not be an issue for high value, high margin devices (like Digital Cameras) but would become a problem for devices that already operate on thin margins (like thumb drives).
The issue becomes a bigger one when you start considering Non-Microsoft operating systems. Linux has FAT support and removing this would mean they would be unable to interoperate with the MS computers (or use NTFS which could easily be patented also). That’s a serious problem given the dominance that Windows enjoys. This is not going to win MS any brownie points with the public. What do you think?