Of myths and monks

I spent yesterday afternoon watching re-runs of 2 great serials that I discovered last year – Mythbusters and Monk.The Mythbusters, I believe, have a geek’s dream job. They get to dabble with a wide variety of geek toys in varied set of fields and get paid for it. I recognize of course that it is not all fun and games and that they are professionals, with lots of years of experience in what is essentially a very challenging profession – special effects experts, but man the toys they get to play with! I mean, where else would you be able to get to smash two 18-Wheeler trucks, head on against each other, just to prove they won’t get welded together? If you want to know more they have a fan site online here and their official site is here.

I love Monk because it calls to the child in me who worshiped Sherlock Holmes. I mean, this guy is Sherlock Holmes with autism and bundle of phobias. He lives in San Francisco and has sexy lady nurses instead of Watson as sidekicks. There is the Lestrade like police captain, and the personal vendetta with the mysterious killer of his wife to round it out. It makes me feel like re-reading Sherlock Holmes again, just so I can find anything further to match up with it. You can get the latest information on Monk here.